Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Saturday Sale and the Farmer's Market

This morning we took off to do our usual Saturday errands and ran into a garage sale around the corner from our house and I spotted with my little eye these beauties. Most of you were here last Christmas when I posted about my village. It is not your typical village because I have made it up from a set I got from a garage sale. I've added other pieces as I have found them--now I have another home and a Police Station. Woo Hoo!!!!
I also picked these plant stands--
two white ones as above and one
green one as below. Hopefully
the critters will leave these
plants ALONE!
I spent all of $5.oo for every-
thing. Yea!!
Our next stop is the Farmer's
Market. We are lucky that
most of the neighboring
cities have one.
This one has a large covered area.
Here we go!!!!!
Tomatoes anyone??? This a one
big puppy, don't you think???
There is even a Quartet playing
some festive music for our
purchasing pleasure.
Beside produce to purchase, one
can pick up decorative items for
their homes.
Cute little melons were part
of the offerings from another
Here is our haul:
Fresh corn--6 ears
Green Peppers---3
Fresh Garlic---3
Green Beans
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Kirby Cucumbers---4
Focaccia Bread--1
Good eats will be taking place
here over the next few days. YUM!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Looks like some great buys. I can't wait to see your xmas village.

  2. We were spending our Saturday in similar ways. No garage sale for me but I can't wait to see your Christmas Village appear!! Happiness is a farmers' market "stash". Enjoy!


  3. You really scored at the garage sales! Perfect timing, since Christmas is five months from today:)

  4. MMmmmm, all the goodies look good. Congrats on findin' great additions to your Christmas Village. I'm just waitin' for my biggest tomato to turn nice a red so we can have our annual BLT. It's the only time I buy bacon all year. {{{SIGH}}}

    God bless and have a glorious day sweetie!!!

  5. Your Saturday sounds a lot like ours...but we had to drive three hours to get to the farmers market!

  6. We don't have any place like you posted in our area.....I would love to be able to buy farm fresh produce.


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