Saturday, March 20, 2010

W H A T ???????????

This little girl who sits on our deck is asking THIS morning "WHAT SEASON IS IT?" Yes, that is SNOW on her head! You heard me right--I said SNOW. Right now we have round 2 going on. Somewhere between 3-8 inches is what is forecasted for our area. She looks a little perplexed don't you think?

I guess we'll have to pull these out again.

Kinda crazy if you ask me. Oh well...


~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Omigosh! You poor dear, on the first full day of Spring. Well, keep your chin up, the warmer weather will be there before you know it!

  2. Spring???? I just have to laugh. We have some accumulating snow predicted along with a possibility of ice. I'll take the snow please.

    My plants are pushin' through and tellin' me warmer days are comin' soon and very soon!

    God bless and enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. OK! I know the feeling. Is it spring anywhere in the world. I know it must be. But not at my house.

  4. OH NO!!!!!!! Snow is the last thing we want on the first day of Spring!! I hope it will melt away fast. We are actually having a beautiful day here in Pittsburgh. I have all of my windows open to air out all of the "Winter" I hope our weather will be headed your way soon. Have a Happy Weekend
    Mimi :)

  5. here it's warm but cloudy and sometimes we have rain! courage Melinda, spring is coming! Catherine

  6. hi melinda,

    i have been very skeptical about spring even though it was really warm here today. still, the winter coats have not been packed away! i can feel one more storm. we'll see!

    happy spring (?)!


  7. Yes, this snow is crazy!! I am a little worried that several thousand college students will be driving back to KU and KSU tomorrow... in this snow!

  8. wow great post.
    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

  9. Hi! Glad to meet another Kansas blogger! As you can tell I'm new to this but I'm loving it! I also read Macomber...about everything I can find. I have to limit myself to every other day at the blog or I don't get anything done:) Jammie from Ozland!

  10. The weather has sure been nuts this year. I'm hoping that means we won't die of heatstroke this summer in the deserts of AZ...but I doubt that will happen!


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